President Biden Officially Announces Reelection Bid

( – US President Joe Biden officially announced his reelection bid for 2024 last Tuesday, ending speculation around whether he would take this step or give the Democratic Party a chance of choosing another candidate to maintain the White House.

In a video named “Freedom,” President Biden said that after spending his first four years fighting for the US democracy, right-wing extremists “are lining up” to eliminate individual liberties and destroy the social safety net. The video starts with a scene of the January 6th Capitol riots, followed by a scene of a pro-choice protest.

President Biden also said in the video that MAGA Americans will cut the Social Security for which every American has been fighting for, and will also cut taxes for wealthy people. He also claimed that these Republicans will dictate women’s health care decisions, obstruct the voting process, ban books, and prohibit free love.

Finally, President Biden stated he still believes that America is currently facing a battle for the “soul” of the country, but people need to question whether they’ll have more or less freedoms and rights in the future. He closed the video by saying these are the reasons why “I’m running for re-election.”

Following the release of this video, the chair of the Republican National Committee Ronna McDaniel blasted President Biden’s announcement, by claiming he’s “out-of-touch.” McDaniel said it’s astonishing how the commander-in-chief thinks he deserves to get reelected after creating different crises that all Americans have been suffering. She also said that if Americans re-elect Biden, the border crisis and inflation will get worse and crime rates will rise.

The Republican National Committee also published a video blasting President Biden’s re-election announcement. Many people on social media criticized this video as it allegedly includes some AI-generated images and videos that show an apocalyptic future that could take place if President Biden ends up winning the 2024 presidential election against the Republican nominee.

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