President Biden Announces Plans For Reelection Run

( – US President Joe Biden announced during a Monday morning interview at NBC’s “Today” that he’s planning to run for reelection next year, but pointing out “we’re not prepared to announce it yet.” These remarks confirm what many analysts have been expecting over the last few months, considering that President Biden has repeatedly expressed his intentions of becoming the Democratic candidate for the 2024 presidential election, but hasn’t made any formal announcement. Is expected for him to run along with Vice President Kamala Harris since both of them have said in previous opportunities they would run together in 2024.

According to NBC News, different unidentified sources revealed that White House advisers are currently taking final decisions on launching the president’s re-election campaign, which could officially happen by the end of the week. One source told the media outlet that while the “decision part is over,” President Biden feels uncomfortable with the pressure of having to announce something he already decided.

While President Biden and numerous staff members of his administration have repeatedly stated his reelection ambitions, these remarks to NBC represent the final confirmation.

Back in February, First Lady Jill Biden suggested that President Biden already made up his mind about the possibility of running for reelection, pointing out that all he needed to do was to determine the time and place to make the official announcement. A couple of days later, she seemed to retract her previous statement, as she said that whether President Biden eventually decided to run for reelection or not, it was his decision and she would support him.

In early February, President Biden said of a hypothetical 2024 run that the main things he will consider to make the final decision on this matter would be his family and his health. During an interview with PBS, he explained that he would be completely “honest with the American people” in case he had any problem that wouldn’t allow him to do the job and run for reelection.

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