Pentagon Raises Alarm Over Potential Japanese Intel Hack

Pentagon Raises Alarm Over Potential Japanese Intel Hack

( – According to a Washington Post report, the Pentagon has been raising the alarm after the Chinese regime hacked Japan’s sensitive defense network in 2020. The Post reported that the Pentagon asked the Japanese government for increased intelligence access to prevent a similar situation from happening. However, Japan’s authorities have hesitated to comply with the request.

A source told the liberal newspaper that US officials asked for an “unprecedented level” of access to the Japanese systems. The person, who spoke under condition of anonymity, said that American officials asked the Japanese to increase their trust as much as possible. The source explained this had never happened before, pointing out it was natural for any “sovereign” nation to be cautious with this type of request.

Another former senior military official told the Post that Japanese officials were uncomfortable with the idea, as they saw it as having another nation’s military inside of their networks. Japan decided to hire domestic commercial vendors to determine their networks’ vulnerabilities instead of giving access to the United States. The military official also said this was a natural behavior, even though Japan is one of the leading US allies in the world.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin issued a warning to Tokyo that intelligence sharing between the two nations would be hampered if technicians failed to verify security protocols. According to a Newsmax report, President Joe Biden’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Emerging Technology, Anne Neuberger, knew about the Chinese hack before assuming this new role at the White House.

A Biden administration official also told the Post that no one at the White House blames Japanese officials. The person also said that Washington only wants to share “hard-won lessons,” and has already communicated with Tokyo to express this view.

The senior defense official also said that the US couldn’t give lessons because of the country’s history with cybersecurity vulnerabilities. The official told the newspaper that the White House “can’t hold the Japanese” to standards that the United States can’t “possibly meet.”

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