Pence Commits to Not Getting Involved in Personal Attacks with Trump

Pence Commits to Not Getting Involved in Personal Attacks with Trump

( – Presidential candidate and former Vice President Mike Pence recently stated he’s not interested in trading personal attacks with former President Donald Trump. Pence made these comments despite the former commander-in-chief’s harsh criticism of him on social media and in public speeches following his latest indictment.

During an interview with ABC News, host Linsey Davis asked Pence what he thought about Trump’s accusation of going to “the dark side.” The former vice president said he never did this and suggested Trump only made these comments to provoke him, as he said he knows the former president “pretty well.” Pence claimed Americans know his commitment to conservative values and the “conservative agenda.”

Pence told Davis that instead of engaging in “personal attacks” with Trump, he would focus on taking his conservative record directly to the American people. The former vice president said that while Trump can attack him and “level his broadsides,” he will keep showing Republican voters he’s the best candidate.

Finally, Pence noted he wants to draw a contrast between the former president and himself. He explained that he intends to focus on how to make the United States more prosperous and secure. He then claimed he would fix the “disastrous policies” of President Joe Biden and his administration if elected.

While Pence was one of the leading Trump allies during his administration, the former vice president became one of his foremost critics after the Capitol riot in 2021. In different interviews, Pence has said that the former commander-in-chief cared more about himself than the United States Constitution. He has even accused Trump of pushing him to reject his election defeat against Biden as he was presiding the Congress in a ceremonial role on January 6, 2021.

After announcing his presidential bid, Pence said those moments showed that Trump shouldn’t be president again.

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