North Korea Claims American Soldier Entered Country After Being Treated Unfairly

North Korea Claims American Soldier Entered Country After Being Treated Unfairly

( – North Korea’s state-run news agency KCNA announced on August 16 that the American soldier who illegally crossed into the so-called Hermit Kingdom did so to seek refuge. The media outlet said that 2nd class private Travis King took this step as he suffered “racial discrimination” and “inhuman maltreatment” in the US military.

In the first public acknowledgment that King had entered North Korea, the communist regime added that the 2nd class private expressed “disillusionment” with the American society. KCNA said that King confessed he decided to enter the country after suffering different types of discrimination from other American soldiers and military officials. The news agency also said he expressed “his willingness” to stay in North Korea or a “third country” as a refugee, as he said he felt “disillusioned” with the “unequal” American society.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, a Pentagon official, who spoke under condition of anonymity, said that the Biden administration hasn’t been able to verify King made those remarks. The official stated that the Biden administration’s main focus is to get him back home as soon as possible. The person also told the Journal that the Pentagon is currently working through all channels to “achieve that outcome.”

During an interview with media outlet Politico, former CIA analyst Soo Kim explained that the communist regime’s statement is pure “North Korean propaganda.” He explained that every remark provided by the North Korean news agency should be taken with a pinch of salt. He added that the 2nd class private has “no sway” in how the North Korean regime decides to cast “its narrative.”

Kim noted that the Biden administration doesn’t have too many options to secure King’s release, as he said his fate currently rests in “North Korea’s hands.” Finally, he told Politico that the so-called Hermit Kingdom will try to “bargain” his life in exchange for any financial concession, pointing out that Pyongyang will dictate the “Terms.”

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