No Senate Democrat Backs The Squad’s Impeachment Calls Against Thomas

( – According to a The Hill Sunday report, not a single Democratic Senator has supported “The Squad” on their calls for the impeachment of conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, following a bombshell report that revealed his relationship with an important GOP donor.

As reported by the media outlet, while every single House progressive has backed an investigation against Thomas, in addition to different measures and the creation of an enforceable conduct code, the only Senate Democrats that have called for impeachment have been Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

One of the first Senate Democrats to express his opinion on the revelations made by media outlet ProPublica about Justice Thomas was Dick Durbin, who is the main lawmaker of the Senate Judiciary Committee. In a statement, he said that his panel will take action as soon as possible, arguing that the US Supreme Court should always have the highest ethical standards.

In addition to Durbin, other important members of Senate Democrats including Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders sent a letter to Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who urged him to conduct an immediate investigation into the claims that the ProPublica report made about Thomas.

In the letter, these senators told Roberts that he has the duty to “safeguard” public trust in the judiciary branch, pointing out that to make this happen, he has to conduct an “independent and transparent” probe into the allegations. Despite these words and their willingness to investigate Thomas, none of them said anything about a possible impeachment process against the conservative Justice.

About the report, Thomas has defended each of his actions, pointing out that, early during his tenure on the Supreme Court, he was advised that he wasn’t obliged to report any trip from people that can be considered “close personal friends.” Moreover, the conservative justice said he has always followed that counsel during his years at the Supreme Court and has always complied with the disclosure guidelines.

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