Newsom Delivers First Remarks About ‘Futuristic’ City Project

Newsom Delivers First Remarks About 'Futuristic' City Project

( – Democratic Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, launched criticism toward a controversial plan by influential tech investors to build a new city in rural areas near San Francisco. In his first public remarks on the “California Forever” project, Newsom said he would soon meet with a member of this development to learn more about the proposal that has been received with mixed reactions.

In a public forum, the governor said he feels “curious” about the project, which he believes is interesting because of its scope and scale. According to a Politico report, his support could be crucial to the success of the so-called “futuristic city.”

The media outlet also pointed out that the investors of this project include some of the most important names in Silicon Valley who have so far acquired over 50,000 acres 50 miles northeast of San Francisco. However, “California Forever” could have difficulty winning the final approval because of the state’s environmental regulations.

Newsom suggested during the forum that the backers could affect their credibility by buying the land over many years in a way that generates mistrust. He then told the crowd that the investors started “behind in my book” as he said they had so many questions and intrigue that eventually resulted in “less trust.”

According to reports, the investors of this project include venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, and Laurence Powell Jobs. Apparently, they disguised their names while spending nearly $850 million to buy land in California’s Solano County around the Travis Air Force Base.

The project has many critics among the political establishment in California, to the point where some congressmen have even said that the investors have used “mobster tactics.” They have also faced resentment because of the way they used a holding company to amass land holdings, which drew suspicion that the project was an operation from a foreign government to acquire properties adjacent to the base.

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