New York Jury Finds Trump Liable in Elizabeth Jean Carroll Case

( – New York Jurors found on Tuesday former US President Donald Trump abused journalist Elizabeth Jean Carrol in the 1990s. They also found he eventually denied her assertions, therefore defaming her.

While the nine-member jury announced they didn’t find he committed rape against the writer, jurors found Trump liable for abuse and ordered the former president to pay her $5 million in damages. Carroll was required to provide evidence to support her accusations, considering this was a civil case. The jury reached their decision after starting their deliberations earlier in the day.

In a statement, Carroll said she filed her lawsuit against Trump to clear her name and get “my life back.” She added that this decision taken by the jury allows the world to know “the truth.” She ended her statement by pointing out this was a victory not only for her but also for all women who suffered similar situations and people failed to believe in them.

During the trial, which lasted nearly two weeks in a federal court, the journalists claimed the former president raped her in New York City in 1996. In 2019, after a preview of her upcoming book appeared in the New York Magazine, she went public. Carroll’s account was constantly refuted by Trump, who asserted that she made it up to promote her book.

She filed a case against the former president in November 2022, using a New York legislation that became effective on the same day. The statute gave victims of sexual assault a year to file a civil lawsuit against the perpetrators of their abuse, no matter the statute of limitations already expired.

The jury awarded Carroll $2 million in compensatory damages and another $20,000 in punitive penalties for the battery count. Jurors mandated that Trump will have to pay a total of $5 million for the defamation allegation, which amounted to $2.7 million plus an extra $280,000 in punitive damages.

Following the decision, Trump wrote on his Truth Social account that he has no idea who Carroll was. He also claimed the verdict was “a disgrace.”

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