Nancy Pelosi Roasted Over Stunning Hypocrisy

Nancy Pelosi Roasted Over Stunning Hypocrisy

( – Republican Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson blasted former House Speaker and Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi on September 18, as he said her hypocrisy was “actually stunning.” The GOP leader was reacting to Pelosi’s interview with MSNBC the previous day, where she said that Republicans in Congress have come up “with nothing” in their probe against US President Joe Biden’s business dealings.

During an interview with Newsmax, Johnson told host Rob Schmitt he didn’t know “what planet” Pelosi was living on. He explained that far from what the former House Speaker said, House Republicans have found a “mountain of evidence” against the commander-in-chief. He even said that he and Republican Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley have laid out a sufficient amount of evidence to show Americans that the Biden family is criminal and “corrupt.”

The Wisconsin senator also told Schmitt he didn’t understand why the president kept lying and claimed he had repeatedly lied to Americans to their face. However, he noted that Republicans on the legislative branch have been proving the number of occasions the president has lied and how he keeps doing this to “cover things up.”

When asked about the investigation against the Biden family’s business dealings, Johnson told the Newsmax host it was obvious they were “selling” influence and access during the time Biden was the vice president. He claims this is so clear that he found it incredible Pelosi could float such “hypocrisy” and claims about a lack of evidence.

The Republican leader also praised House Chairs Jim Jordan from Ohio and James Comer from Kentucky for the work they’ve done to “unmask” the president’s corruption. He told Schmitt their job was crucial to facilitate the work he and Grassley have been doing over the last few months.

Finally, Johnson claimed that when he and Grassley were investigating this case, they didn’t have the support of the conferences and their committees. However, he said he’s glad this is changing as many GOP senators are paying more attention to the case.

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