Mystery Powder In White House Confirmed As Cocaine

Mystery Powder In WH Confirmed As Cocaine

( – An “unknown” powder that forced an immediate evacuation of the White House over the 4th of July weekend has tested positive for cocaine. The initial dispatch call stated that the item was initially found on the ground floor of the residence’s library. Reports revealed that White House officials found the powder at night and called a hazmat team.

As reported by the New York Post, the purported cocaine was in a holding area of the West Wing accessible to guests and White House staffers. The West Wing is the administrative center of the US presidency. It includes the executive staff’s offices, the Roosevelt Room, the Cabinet Room, the Oval Office, and the press briefing room. The media outlet pointed out that the EMS and DC Fire Department didn’t respond to numerous requests to clarify this discrepancy.

At the time of the incident, US President Joe Biden was with his son Hunter at Camp David, returning from a family party. Hunter Biden has admitted on different occasions to having a crack cocaine addiction he allegedly overcame. However, some of these occasions happened months before the laptop incident in 2020, which revealed many videos of him using illegal substances.

According to the Post, the Secret Service indicated it couldn’t comment on this case as it was an “active investigation.” Spokesman Anthony Guglielmi eventually said in a statement that all tests confirmed that the powder found in the White House was cocaine. He also explained that the “powder” was found by a Secret Service during a routine sweep. The newspaper said US authorities are trying to determine how this substance got into the White House.

As reported by USA Today, members of the public who make the White House tour are never allowed to visit the West Wing. They can only see the East Wing and the Residence.

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