Musk Blasts LinkedIn, Hints at New Competition

Musk Blasts LinkedIn, Hints at New Competition

( – South African billionaire Elon Musk recently blasted Microsoft-owned jobs portal platform LinkedIn and even hinted at developing a competitor. The moment came after Musk decided to respond to an X (formerly known as Twitter) user asking in a post if there was “anything worse than LinkedIn.”

The South African billionaire said that while he usually receives many LinkedIn links for job applications to his email account, he prefers a bio or a resume. He then explained he believes this is the best way for a person looking for a job to have more chances to secure one. Musk added this is because LinkedIn’s “cringe level” is usually so high that he’s unable “to use it.”

After that, the X CEO said that he would make sure that the X “competitor” to the Microsoft-owned jobs portal platform is not only efficient, but also “cool.” The comment gained massive views and interactions, with thousands of users commenting and retweeting. While some of them said this would be a “great idea” as they claimed LinkedIn doesn’t have a real rival, others said it would be difficult to trust Musk on this matter because of the way he has handled X so far.

About Musk’s post, different media outlets reported that Musk has been commenting to his inner circle about the possibility of taking this step. However, some of these also pointed out that the billionaire is known for making bold comments and grandiose promises that he sometimes fails to fulfill.

One of the most recent situations where Musk failed to deliver on a similar matter was when he raised the possibility of a televised cage match with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. While both of them made public remarks about the fight, and even UFC owner Dana White said he was helping the two tech leaders to coordinate a time and place, Zuckerberg claims this might never happen as Musk “isn’t serious.”

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