Mitch McConnell Returns to Congress and Blasts Biden

( – Senate Republican Leader from Kentucky Mitch McConnell returned to the Senate floor on Monday. This is the first time he makes a presence in the upper chamber after suffering a severe concussion back in March. Once he was entering the Senate, the 81-year-old Senator told reporters “It’s good to be back.”

Speaking on the floor, McConnell thanked many other Senators for sharing “warm wishes,” over the last few weeks. He even joked about his delicate injury not being worse after tripping and falling during a private dinner. McConnell said that wasn’t the first time that his “hardheaded” ended up serving him well. He added he feels blessed and lucky to have the opportunity to serve at such a “remarkable” institution like the United States Senate since this is a great manner to serve the country and everyone’s home states.

The Senate Republican Leader was taken to the hospital on March 13th after falling at the Waldorf Astoria in Washington, D.C. He was eventually discharged to an in-patient rehabilitation clinic, and doctors finally said he was good to go on March 25th.

In his speech on the floor, he insisted on the importance of what he called “business Congress to tackle,” including fighting crime in the country, curbing inflation, securing the Mexican border, and investing in the United States’ security and strength.

In addition, McConnell blasted US President Joe Biden for not negotiating with California Republican and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy over raising the country’s debt limit, which the conservative discussed during a morning speech at the New York Stock Exchange.

McConnel explained President Biden’s position on this matter was too “extreme” and that many members of the Democratic Party disagreed with the US commander-in-chief. The Senate Republican Leader was referring to a recent article written by West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin and published in the Washington Post, where he urged President Biden to stop playing a blame game.

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