Mitch McConnell Responds After His Latest Freezing Incident

Mitch McConnell Responds After His Latest Freezing Incident

( – Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said on September 6 that he would maintain his position, following criticism that he’s not medically fit to serve. His comments came after freezing up before cameras during an August 30 press conference. This was the second time McConnell had this incident in public, which prompted many Republican figures to call for his retirement as soon as possible.

During a press conference, the GOP leader told reporters he would stay in office for the remainder of the 118th Congress, after having the weekly policy lunch with other conservative senators. He also said he had nothing to say on that matter, and noted he’s going to finish his Senate term leader. However, McConnell didn’t say whether he would like to serve for another term in the upper chamber, as his current term ends in 2026.

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul, who is a professional physician, suggested after this press conference that the medical notes from the Congress’ Attending Physician about McConnell didn’t tell the truth about his condition.

The physician US Navy Rear Brian Monahan wrote in his notes that, after going to numerous tests that included a brain MRI imaging and an EEG study, he concluded that the minority leader wasn’t unhealthy. To these remarks, Paul responded that 25 percent of people who suffer a brain injury will eventually have seizures, and pointed out that 83 percent of those who have seizures won’t show anything unusual on an EEG. He even explained that concluding that a patient doesn’t suffer from a seizure disorder because the person showed good results in a “normal EEG,” is “not good medicine.”

In addition to Republican leaders like Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who said on Twitter that the “mental health incompetence” of some leaders must be addressed, some conservative outlets, also called for McConnell’s resignation. One of these was the National Review, as its editorial board published an article that said that the minority leader needed to step aside.

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