Mitch McConnell Accepts President Biden’s Invitation to Debt Limit Talks

( – Kentucky Republican and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday he accepted President Joe Biden’s invitation for the House’s top four leaders to meet on May 9th to discuss the US debt limit. However, he insisted that House Speaker and California Republican Kevin McCarthy must be the point person in the negotiations.

McConnell said that after receiving President Biden’s call, he said “I’ll be there.” He also said that the US commander-in-chief needs to be clear about where things are right now, as the House passed legislation that raised the debt ceiling and shows the priorities of House Republicans.

The Senate Leader pointed out that President Biden should know that the message against him is “pretty clear,” as he has to pick between entering into a discussion between him and McCarthy or accepting the House bill once and for all.

On Monday, President Biden invited Republican and Democratic leaders of the House and Senate to meet with him next week to discuss the debt limit. A couple of hours before these calls, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that the debt limit will expire on June 1st. Experts believe this is good news as there’s enough time for House Republicans and the White House to reach an agreement and prevent the United States from being unable to pay its debts.

Over the last few weeks, the Senate Leader has insisted that any agreement to raise the US debt limit must be negotiated between the House Speaker and President Biden, adding he won’t play any role in the negotiations. While many thought McCarthy might have assumed a radical position, he also accepted the president’s invitation to the White House.

Last week, President Biden told reporters that while he would like to meet with the House Speaker as soon as possible, he wouldn’t negotiate on whether or not the debt limit “gets extended.”

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