Mike Pence Says He Chose Constitution Over Trump

(NationRise.com) – Former Vice President Mike Pence delivered some controversial remarks on Wednesday during his presidential campaign announcement in Iowa. The presidential candidate said that during the Capitol Riots in 2021, he chose the United States Constitution over then-president Donald Trump.

Speaking in front of a large crowd, Pence said that day Trump demanded him to choose between the commander-in-chief and the Constitution. The former vice president said he didn’t even think about it as he will always choose the supreme law of the land.

In another part of this speech, Pence said that January 6th, 2021 was one of the most tragic days in the history of the United States. He then said the former president’s words were “reckless” that day, as he endangered not only his family but also everyone “at the Capitol.”

After that, Pence said it was important to reveal the moment Trump asked him to make that decision because the “American people” must know it. Experts said the former vice president decided to say these words the day of his announcement since he knows Trump is the candidate to beat. After all, the former president is leading in every single poll, to the point where most political analysts say he’s the main favorite to win the nomination.

According to the New York Times, Pence’s words about Trump puts him closer to the group of Republicans who have shown radical stances against the former president. The liberal newspaper pointed out that Pence’s words now put him in the same place as former GOP Representative Liz Cheney. She has gained notoriety over the last few years for claiming that Trump isn’t morally fit for office.

Moreover, the Times said the former president put himself in an uncomfortable situation. After all, despite his words about Trump, one of the main criteria for being part of the GOP primary is supporting the person who wins the nomination. Candidates even have to sign a pledge guaranteeing they will do it.

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