Megan Rapinoe Loses It After Soccer Executive Kisses Player

Megan Rapinoe Loses It After Soccer Executive Kisses Player

( – Former US Women’s National Team (USWNT) captain and leading player Megan Rapinoe blasted the Spaniard Soccer Federation (RFEF) director Luis Rubiales on August 23 for kissing a female player on the mouth during a celebration. The incident took place after winning the World Cup against England, while the players and trainers of the Spaniard team were cheering on the field. Rubiales was eventually forced to resign.

During an interview with The Atlantic, Rapinoe said that watching the kiss made her think about women’s struggle in sports and the way they are “required to endure.” She added that people needed to think about the effort that Spain’s women’s national team delivered in every match, and how many of the players have been protesting against inequalities over the last few years. Rapinoe then said it was unfortunate that even when they have been “struggling” so much, they still have to suffer discrimination.

Controversy swirled around the Spaniard team back in 2022 after 15 players signed an open letter when they claimed they wouldn’t play for “La Roja” ever again unless the RFEF made major changes in the coaching staff. Despite most media outlets in Spain condemning Rubiales’ act, and many Spaniard sporting legends supporting the girls, the RFEF rejected their demands and maintained the team’s head coach.

Rapinoe told The Atlantic she believes this could have been an element that galvanized the players to deliver such an “outstanding” World Cup and beat England in the final. She then said that what Rubiales did during the celebrations is indicative of the level of “sexism” and “misogyny” that still exists in Spain.

In the final part of the interview, she can’t even imagine how Spaniard player Jenni Hermoso must have felt after the incident. She said it’s unjustifiable that a person with so much “hierarchy” like Rubiales “physically assaulted” a female player during the most important moment in her career. Rapinoe then questions what kind of “upside-down world” we are currently living in where these incidents happen.

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