McConnell Gets Light-Headed During Press Conference

McConnell Gets Light-Headed During Press Conference

( – Senate Minority Leader and Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell appeared to freeze up during a press conference on July 26. This worrying situation occurred as he was with other GOP leaders following a weekly party luncheon. The video went viral on social media, with users raising questions about his health.

In the press conference, McConnell started to speak about how Republicans were making efforts to finish the National Defense Authorization Act this week. As he began pointing out positive bipartisan cooperation, the Senate Minority Leader suddenly trailed off and stared blankly for almost a minute. After that, colleagues intervened, with Wyoming Senator John Barrasso asking if there was anything else he wanted to say or if he wanted to “go back to your office.”

Following those words, McConnell seemed to react and stepped aside as South Dakota Senator John Thune and others addressed the press. They started to talk about the anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act passage until the Senate Minority Leader reappeared 10 minutes later to finish the news conference. When asked about the incident, he told reporters he was feeling “fine” and then proceeded to answer their questions.

According to a Fox News report, a McConnell aide told the network that the Republican leader stepped away as he was feeling “light-headed.” The person also said that the Senate Minority Leader demonstrated to be “sharp” during the “Q and A” with reporters.

Back in March, the 81-year-old Republican leader suffered a severe concussion after falling during a Washington event. He spent time in an inpatient rehabilitation health center recovering from his injuries before returning to the Senate to continue his regular functions.

Following the incident, Barrasso told reporters he was concerned about what happened with McConnell during the event in Washington. He said the Senate Minority Leader is fully recovered and did a “great job” leading the press conference and answering all questions.

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