Mayorkas Said Border Crossings Have Fallen 50 Percent

( – Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas told host Jonathan Karl during a Sunday interview at ABC’s “This Week,” that the US Border Patrol has noticed a 50 percent decrease in encounters at the Mexican border after the expiration of the controversial Title 42.

This was a policy that was originally executed during the COVID-19 pandemic, which allowed the quick expulsions of migrants who were looking for political asylum. While liberal activists said this was a discriminatory policy, many migration experts and political analysts have been pointing out its efficiency, and have highlighted its effectiveness in mitigating a potentially more chaotic migrant crisis.

In the interview, Mayorkas said that the Border Patrol has seen this significant drop in the number of people they encounter at the southern border, in comparison “to the numbers earlier this week” before the official expiration of the policy, which took place on Thursday’s midnight.

The Secretary also told Karl he disagrees with many journalists and activists who have been saying that the immigration policy of the Biden administration is equal or worse to former President Donald Trump’s. Mayorkas added that immigrants who haven’t tried to look for relief in other nations will need a stronger “threshold of proof” to officially qualify for asylum in the United States. He also said it’s a mistake to consider the current policy as “an asylum ban.”

The Title 42 policy expired last Thursday, prompting concerns among US officials and lawmakers regarding a potential surge in migrants attempting to cross the border. Despite expectations of a substantial influx, various reports suggest that there hasn’t been a significant change in migrant levels thus far.

In response to this possibility, the White House announced it was allocating extra resources to the Mexican border, including the deployment of 24,000 border agents along with asylum offers and military troops. Many Republicans disagreed with this measure, as they didn’t believe this would be enough.

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