Manchin Says He Will Oppose Every One of Biden’s EPA Nominees

( – Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin said on Wednesday he will formally oppose every person US President Joe Biden nominates for roles at the Environmental Protection Agency, citing disagreements on energy policy.

In a Twitter statement, Manchin said that the Biden administration has an “extreme ideology,” and fears that its commitment to it could somehow overshadow their responsibility to guarantee economic security and long-lasting energy. Because of this, Manchin said he “will oppose all EPA nominees” unless they finally stop their “government overreach.”

The Democratic Senator also claimed in the statement that the White House is fully willing to pass its “radical climate agenda,” pointing out they have already said they are determined to regulate gas-fueled and coal plants at all costs, no matter how this would affect energy security costs in the country.

Additionally, Manchin said that the pending proposal from the EPA would affect every fossil-fueled power plant in the country, which are responsible for generating nearly 60 percent of the national electricity. He added this comes on top of a larger regulatory agenda that is being implemented to sever the fossil fuel industry.

Experts point out that the Senator’s dissension represents a delicate situation for the Biden administration as it will create difficulties for the confirmation of EPA nominees. In fact, President Biden will have to be backed by every single Democrat if no GOP member supports him.

Manchin’s comments come at a moment when the Senator is still deciding whether to announce a reelection bid or not. After all, political analysts have been saying he would have a hard time getting reelected, considering that West Virginia is slowly becoming a red state.

His comments also come after weeks of annoyance from the Senate regarding the Biden administration’s more extensive energy and environmental initiatives, especially how they are handling the electric vehicle tax credits provided by the Inflation Reduction Act.

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