Man Fakes His Death to Avoid Charges, Gets Caught After Insane Chase

Man Fakes His Death to Avoid Charges, Gets Caught After Insane Chase

( – According to a WDSU News report, authorities captured an Oklahoma man they claim faked his death in a kayak accident in August to avoid charges in North Carolina over assaulting a child. The media outlet pointed out that the arrest occurred in Georgia on September 17, following a motorcycle crash after a weekend police chase.

On August 7, the 41-year-old Oklahoma resident named Melvin Emde was reported missing by his son after the police were told that he drowned during a fishing trip in the Mississippi River. The fake accident prompted local authorities to conduct a rescue operation that lasted for two days and used sonar, divers, and even a small boat. However, the man’s body was never found.

Different media outlets pointed out that Emde was formally scheduled to appear in court the same day he had allegedly drowned over indecent liberties and statutory rape charges. In a press conference, St. Charles Parish Sheriff Greg Champagne told reporters that police became suspicious that Emde could have faked his death to escape from the charges in Brunswick County. However, Champagne said his department wasn’t able to publicly express their suspicions because this could have played in Emde’s favor.

When asked what the department did in this situation, Champagne explained that they left the case as a missing person and started to work with detectives in North Carolina, who said Emde was wearing an ankle monitor. During the investigation, they noted he paid for two prepaid phones in Louisiana, which they tracked with the help of US Marshals.

The sheriff then told reporters that authorities found Emde in Georgia after a Highway Patrol officer tried to stop him for driving his motorcycle without the license plate. Champagne said that Emde escaped until he crashed and attempted to flee the scene on foot. However, police captured him and discovered his identity through a fingerprint scan, as the suspect gave officers a fake name.

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