Major Pro-Life Group Praises Trump After Criticizing Him

( – Former US President Donald Trump met on Monday with Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America. The meeting surprised many, not only because this is one of the most powerful pro-life groups in the United States but also because it had recently criticized the Republican leader because of some of his recent stances o abortion prohibitions.

In a statement, the president of the group Marjorie Dannenfelser said that, in the meeting, Trump restated his opposition to the Democratic Party’s extremism on abortion. She also explained that Trump opposes the way some Democrats support abortion “after the child is born,” and how taxpayers pay for this. Dannenfelser added that the former president believes these positions are “unworthy of a great nation,” adding he believes that Americans will eventually rebel against an extremist position that aligns the country with North Korea and China.

The president of the Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America also pointed out that South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham also attended the meeting, along with the evangelical leader Tony Perkins. Graham has been one of Trump’s main supporters, and he’s currently backing the Republican leader’s presidential bid. However, he has also praised other GOP presidential candidates.

Dennefelser also said in the statement that the former president knows that most Americans oppose “brutal late-term abortions,” which she said is a moment when the child can feel all the pain. Additionally, she said that Trump reiterated that government legislations that protect these children have to include exceptions for cases of incest and rape and if the mother’s life is in danger.

Her remarks come a couple of weeks after SBA Pro-Life America blasted Trump for his stance on abortion restrictions. The organization referred to the former president’s stance as “unacceptable” after his campaign told The Washington Post in April that Trump backed the idea that abortion access should be regulated at a state level.

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