Lindsey Graham Comes To Trump’s Defense

Washington, DC - September 8, 2015: Senator Lindsey Graham, candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, speaks at a National Press Club luncheon.

( – South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham expressed his support for former President Donald Trump after Trump was indicted by the Justice Department. During a June 11 interview on ABC’s “This Week,” Graham said many conservatives believe this case against Trump is politically motivated. He also told host George Stephanopoulos that the former president will emerge “stronger.”

While discussing the indictment by the DOJ on 37 felony counts, Graham suggested some other politicians have done the same and nothing happened. The South Carolina Senator said that the greatest example was the one of former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. He explained that most conservatives believe she did similar things but “nothing happened to her.” He added that while Trump did some things wrong, he will be tried, which is the opposite of what happened to the former Secretary of State.

As the interview was getting tenser, Graham took a hit at former President Bill Clinton. This was a delicate moment as Stephanopoulos was the US Press Secretary under his administration, which was one of the most controversial in US history.

Graham told the ABC host that the former Democratic president did many things worse than Trump, but the DOJ treated him differently. He told Stephanopoulos that “your old boss” obstructed justice in many ways and even committed perjury in a civil lawsuit. The senator added that Clinton even lost his law license, but unlike Trump, he never got prosecuted.

Graham also took a hit at the mainstream media, as he claimed that Hunter Biden’s laptop story was real, but that they buried it to help his father. He then said that Americans are living in a nation where the judicial system takes four years to investigate Hunter but goes after Trump in “18 months.” Finally, the South Carolina Senator said he would never justify Trump’s behavior as he believes no one should take classified documents.

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