Leaked Documents Reveal the US Canceled A Massive Ukrainian Strike

(NationRise.com) -According to a Monday report from The Washington Post, some of the NATO leaked documents that surfaced recently revealed that Ukrainian soldiers held off an offensive operation against Russia on the anniversary of the beginning of the invasion, after the United States urged Kyiv not to take to this step.

As reported by the newspaper, documents from the National Security Agency (NSA), which was included in these leaks, revealed that the head of the Ukrainian intelligence services HUR instructed a Ukrainian officer to prepare for “mass strikes” against Russia on February 24th. This day represented the first anniversary of the invasion, which experts point out is the worst armed conflict that Europe has been experiencing since the Yugoslavian wars.

The documents show that, right before Ukraine commenced the attack, American officials urged Ukrainian officials to cancel the strike as soon as possible. Washington feared that this attack, which was going to take place on Russian soil, could have set a turning point in the armed conflict where Moscow would have been forced to execute a severe response. The Post reported that on February 22nd, the HUR agreed to postpone the offensive operation against Russia after “Washington’s requests.”

This NATO leaked information shows the extent to which the White House is influencing military strategy in the conflict in Ukraine and using its influence to defuse a strike. However, this isn’t surprising since the Biden administration has been the biggest supporter of Kyiv during the Russian invasion, providing billions of dollars in economic and military support.

While experts believe this support is crucial in Ukraine’s chances of getting a favorable outcome in the war, this situation has begun to be a problem in the US legislative branch, as some members of the Republican and Democratic parties have opposed the spending. Political analysts have been pointing out that this issue could be one of the main topics in the 2024 presidential elections

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