Kremlin Claims It Sabotaged a Ukraine Drone Attack Against Putin

( – Russia’s Kremlin said in a Wednesday statement published by the Russian state news agency TASS that it sabotaged a Ukrainian drone attack against dictator Vladimir Putin’s residence. So far, not even one independent media outlet has been able to verify these claims.

According to the statement, Russian special forces and military disabled drones through the electronic defense, preventing anyone from being hurt in the alleged attack. The Kremlin said the main goal of this operation was to kill Putin, pointing out this was a “planned terrorist attack and an attempt on the life of the President.” Moreover, the Kremlin wrote in the statement that Russia now has the right to take “retaliatory measures” when and if it sees fit.

Experts believe this is a delicate situation, regardless if the alleged assignation plot against Putin happened or not. After all, this situation could allow Russia to intensify the military attacks against Ukraine, which would escalate the war to a much more violent point that could lead to more civilian casualties and infrastructural damage.

Following Moscow’s claims, Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak wrote on his Twitter account that people need to question what would be the strategic purpose for Ukraine to conduct such a delicate operation against Putin, considering that the country has been fighting “an exclusively defensive war.” He also said that while these claims from the Kremlin won’t solve any military issue, it will give them grounds to justify more attacks against innocent Ukrainians.

In its statement, the Kremlin also said that despite these alleged attacks against Putin, the country will continue with its plans of celebrating Victory Day, which is an important day of observation in the Eurasian nation to commemorate its victory against Germany’s Third Reich in World War II.

According to different media outlets, the Russian dictator is expected to be part of these celebrations in Moscow’s Red Square, which is surprising since he has considerably reduced his public appearances since the start of the invasion. The event will take place on May 9th.

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