Kremlin Admits Pregozhin’s Death May Not Have Been an Accident

( – The Kremlin recently announced that the plane crash that killed Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin may not be an accident after all. In a press conference in Moscow, the Russian government’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that the details behind this incident may have resulted from “deliberate wrongdoing.” He also said that while Russian authorities are investigating the case, they haven’t been able to determine the official cause behind the accident.

However, he noted that the Kremlin is currently considering “different versions” of what happened. He also told reporters that, at this point, the “deliberate wrongdoing” option is being considered by investigators, and said the Kremlin will inform the “Russian people” about any development.

Peskov explained that Russia’s Investigative Committee hasn’t yet concluded the investigation and said this could take days or weeks. The committee announced it was opening a criminal case on the matter a couple of days after the accident that killed Prigozhin and the rest of the passengers. The criminal case is based on charges of flight safety violations, which experts consider a default charge used in Russia every time there’s a plane accident investigation and authorities aren’t considering foul play.

The Kremlin spokesman also told reporters that authorities will not allow an international probe into the matter. This revelation came after Brazil’s Center for Research and Prevention of Aeronautical Crashes proposed this action through civil aviation rules of the United Nations.

The Wagner leader and many of his leading lieutenants were among the ten individuals who boarded a jet that fatally crashed while flying between St. Petersburg and Moscow on August 23. Independent media outlets have been speculating that the crash may have been deliberate, considering the armed rebellion that Prigozhin executed against the Kremlin back in June. This incident was seen as one of the biggest threats Russian President Vladimir Putin has ever faced.

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