Kamala Harris Downplays Horrible Polling

Kamala Harris Downplays Horrible Polling

(NationRise.com) – US Vice President Kamala Harris attempted to minimize reports showing she’s the most unpopular vice president in US history. During an interview at ABC News, Harris said she doesn’t feel concerned as some polls show she has a good approval rating among Americans.

At one moment, host Linsey Davis told her that numerous reports were showing “concerning” numbers related to her popularity. He then asked the vice president about her unfavorable approval ratings and whether this could be related to her race and gender.

With a smile on her face, Harris said there are some polls that also show she currently has great popularity. She then claimed there had been several attempts to “create distractions” away from the accomplishments the Biden administration delivered since 2021.

The Vice President told Davis that the White House had created 13 million jobs since US President Biden took office. She then claimed this is a significant number as many of those jobs were Americans going “back to work” after the pandemic. Harris even said that she and the president were directly “responsible” for 800,000 new manufacturing jobs in the country. She also claimed they have also restored the “integrity” of the United States on the “international stage,” which was allegedly diminished after the Trump administration.

The facts, however, don’t seem to support her claim. In June, Harris received the worst rating of any vice president in NBC polling history. Some reports pointed out many Americans believe Harris is an “uncharismatic” politician whose controversial record as the California Attorney General still affects her image.

According to the NBC poll, only 32 percent of registered voters have a positive impression of the vice president. The report pointed out that 39 percent have a very negative view of Harris, while 49 percent have an unfavorable view. NBC explained that her net-negative rating is -17, representing the lowest for any vice president in the poll’s history.

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