John Kerry Frets About Ukraine War’s Impact On Climate

John Kerry Frets About Ukraine War's Impact On Climate

( – US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry claimed in a recent interview that the main problem with the Russia-Ukraine war was its impact on the climate. During an interview on MSNBC while in England, Kerry said that the Biden administration is concerned about how the armed conflict releases greenhouse gases.

Kerry made these remarks while US President Joe Biden was heading to Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom to be part of a King Charles III ceremony. Media outlets reported that, following the ceremony, the royal palace would also host a forum whose primary focus would be clean energy strategies.

In the interview, Kerry said that the climate crisis is serious and claimed that many parts of the world are “exacerbating the problem.” He then started to talk about the armed conflict in Ukraine, pointing out that there was an “enormous release of greenhouse gas” and methane. Kerry noted this is happening because bomb explosions are damaging “power centers” and numerous “septic tanks” in Ukraine.

Following those comments, Kerry clarified that the war in Ukraine was important for the United States, and he didn’t want to suggest that Washington shouldn’t be involved. The so-called Climate Czar even said that this armed conflict represented a fight that “the world has to make.” He added that it was necessary to recognize there are “ancillary impacts” because of this war.

After the interview, Kerry was widely criticized and mocked for suggesting that climate impact was the most critical aspect of the war. On Twitter, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley said it was incredible that the Climate Czar was citing the increase of greenhouse gases as the central issue of the conflict.

Radio host Gerry Callahan also blasted Kerry, saying that if he feels worried because of this, he may feel worse “when he hears” about the “dead women and children.”

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