Jill Biden Writes Times’ Feature About Ukraine’s First Lady

(NationRise.com) – United States First Lady Jill Biden praised her Ukrainian counterpart Olena Zelenska in a Thursday Time Magazine feature she wrote, referring to her as the “warrior” of Ukraine. The Ukrainian First Lady, who is the wife of President Volodymyr Zelensky, was featured in the media outlet’s annual top list of the 100 most influential personalities on earth. This comes at a moment when the Ukraine-Russia war is reaching one of its most crucial and violent periods, with media outlets reporting that Ukraine’s air capabilities won’t be able to resist for much longer.

In the article, Biden described Zelenska as a writer who has always “worked behind the scenes” and has never asked for any spotlight. She also said that the Ukrainian First Lady is a mother that never asked to play such an important role in a “nation at war.”

In another part of her feature article, the US First Lady describes some details about the first time she met with Zelenska, in May 2022. She explained the moment was tense since the meeting took place a couple of months after Russian dictator Vladimir Putin decided to invade, which happened in February of that same year. Biden explained she and Zelenska instinctively embraced each other not only as two mothers but as two countries that were uniting “for peace.”

Moreover, the wife of US President Joe Biden said she could notice how much weight Zelenska was bearing, and the way she has been showing so much dignity and determination. She also commended the Ukrainian First Lady for staying in her country despite the horrors of war and the danger she and her husband are facing every day. Biden expressed her admiration as she said she could have easily “take her family and flee.”

At the end of her feature article, the US First Lady said that Zelenska was not only the pride of Ukraine but also the “protector” of this country.

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