IRS Officials Claim Whistleblower Was Removed from Hunter Biden Case

IRS Officials Claim Whistleblower Was Removed from Hunter Biden Case

( – According to a Daily Caller September 25 report, two IRS officials who testified to the House Ways and Means Committee earlier this month said that whistleblower Gary Shapley was expelled from the Hunter Biden probe in December 2022. The officials, Michael Batdorf and Darren Waldon, said this situation occurred after Shapley feuded with US Delaware Attorney David Weiss, the main prosecutor in the case against President Joe Biden’s son.

Transcripts obtained by the media outlet showed that the two IRS officials alleged that Weiss’ frustration with the whistleblower resulted in his exclusion from the Hunter Biden investigation. According to these transcripts, Batdorf recalled discussing removing Shapley and his investigative team from the case. Batdorf noted in his testimony that he and Waldon made the decision to remove him when they realized there was “an issue.”

Another part of the transcripts shows that Batdorf stated that in November 2022, Weiss claimed he wasn’t communicating with the “investigative agents” anymore. Batdorf told lawmakers he knew this wasn’t a good sign and was the reason why he decided to fire Shapley the next month.

However, Batdorf said he always agreed with the evidence presented in the case and noted that removing the IRS agents wouldn’t make any difference as the investigative work was done, and he wanted to get the case prosecuted. Batdorf also emphasized that Shapley wasn’t removed from the Hunter Biden investigation for misconduct.

In a June testimony before Congress, Shapley said that Weiss told him during an October 2022 meeting that he didn’t have charging authority and that the Justice Department formally rejected his special counsel request. The whistleblower claims Weiss told him this happened after Biden-appointed DC US Attorney Matthew Graves refused to charge Hunter Biden in his district. Shapley’s lawyers have publicly shared handwritten notes and an email documenting the meeting.

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