Impeachment Articles Filed Against Joe Biden & Kamala Harris

( – Republican Rep.Andy Ogles (R-Tn.), introduced impeachment articles against Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden on June 12. His first article of impeachment against the commander-in-chief accused him of exploiting the executive branch. Ogles claimed the president did this to evade public accountability and congressional oversight of his family’s business and influence-peddling operations.

His second impeachment article claimed that the president, violating his oath, has neglected his duty to ensure the faithful execution of laws in the country. The Tennessee Congressman pointed out this has contributed to the border crisis and has even jeopardized “the people of the United States.”

Ogles pointed to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and FBI Director Christopher Wray in relation to the first article of impeachment. He said these Biden administration officials denied House Representatives the documents they were trying to see in their oversight role. These included bank reports about suspicious activities that involved the Biden family and details about different limited liability companies.

Ogles wrote these companies used sophisticated financial arrangements to transfer substantial sums of money to members of the Biden family. He claimed this was made to deceive the American public and even hide the sources of those funds.

The Congressman referenced the alleged bribery scheme that involves the president and his son Hunter Biden. This one is contained in an FBI FD-1023 form that was recently sent to members of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee. Fox News reported this document was generated by the bureau, based on different interviews with a “credible source.” This one alleged that Ukrainian company Burisma paid the US president and his son $5 million each. This allegedly happened during the time Joe Biden was vice president during the Obama administration.

Ogles’ impeachment article against Harris focused on her failure to solve the border crisis. Ogles wrote that the vice president has demonstrated “extraordinary incompetence” in executing her duties. He also said she has shown “indifference” to people’s suffering as a result of the border crisis.

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