Hunter Biden’s Top Lawyer Withdraws from Case

Hunter Biden's Top Lawyer Withdraws from Case

( – Hunter Biden’s top attorney Christopher J. Clark filed a motion on August 15 to withdraw from his case in the wake of President Joe Biden’s son’s failed diversion agreement and plea deal. Clark cited his position as a direct witness in the negotiations with prosecutors from the Justice Department as the reason behind his decision.

His motion said that Hunter Biden would continue to be “represented” by other law firms that decided to appear on his behalf. It also noted that Clark’s decision to “withdraw as counsel” won’t affect the president’s son as he currently has “ample counsel.”

The motion also noted that the plea deal negotiations between Hunter Biden’s legal team and DOJ prosecutors will be contested based on recent developments. The document pointed out Hunter Biden’s top lawyer had to withdraw from the case as it was “inadvisable” for him to keep counseling under the “witness-advocate rule.”

According to reports, Clark is one of the main partners at the Clark Smith Villazor LLP law firm. He used to be a Southern District of New York’s assistant US attorney and represented well-known figures such as Twitter CEO Elon Musk and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

Following Clark’s decision, another of Hunter Biden’s lawyers, Abbe Lowell, was formally added as an additional counsel for the Delaware case. He appeared on CBS News on August 13 to publicly defend the president’s son before being included in the case. Lowell also appeared on CNN on August 11, where he defended his client during an interview with host Kaitlan Collins.

Clark was part of Hunter Biden’s legal team when his diversion agreement and guilty plea collapsed in late July. Delaware US District Judge Maryellen Noreika examined an immunity clause that was hidden within the contract. Different reports pointed out this caused a dispute between Clark and DOJ prosecutor Leo Wise regarding the potential immunity that Hunter Biden might have.

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