Hunter Biden Suing IRS For Alleged Targeting

Hunter Biden Suing IRS For Alleged Targeting

( – Hunter Biden’s legal team filed a lawsuit on September 18 against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), alleging that some of its agents targeted and even tried to “embarrass” President Joe Biden’s son. The filing cites examples in IRS agents Joseph Ziegler and Gary Shapley, two whistleblowers who have repeatedly claimed that the agency mishandled numerous aspects of its probe into Hunter Biden.

The president’s son’s lawsuit against the IRS asks the court to formally declare that this agency illegally disclosed his “confidential tax information.” Additionally, Hunter Biden’s attorneys are demanding $1000 in damages for all unauthorized disclosures that the IRS made of his tax returns.

The lawsuit said that Hunter Biden is the son of the US commander-in-chief and noted that the agency must ensure that he abides by the same responsibilities as any other US citizen. However, it claimed that Hunter Biden has no fewer rights than any other American, which is why no government agent or agency should violate his rights because of “who he is.”

The complaint noted that, despite this issue, the IRS and some of its agents have acted under the presumption that the rights of US citizens don’t apply to him. It also alleged that IRS agents Ziegler and Shapley deliberately targeted and tried to embarrass Hunter Biden through some statements they made in various interviews. The suit clarifies that both agents are the “most recent” example of this alleged activity against the president’s son.

Earlier this year, the two IRS whistleblowers testified before the Congress’ Oversight Committee. They claimed both faced numerous limitations when ordered to investigate Hunter Biden. This prompted many political figures to declare that the Biden administration was favoring the president’s son.

Shapley’s attorneys responded to Hunter Biden’s lawsuit through a statement, saying that the suit against the agency was just a “frivolous smear” by the lawyers of the Biden family.

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