House Dem Speaks Out on Biden Potentially Pardoning Hunter

House Dem Speaks Out on Biden Potentially Pardoning Hunter

( – New York Democratic Representative Dan Goldman said on July 30 that President Joe Biden would be committing a “mistake” if he pardoned Hunter Biden. His son faces federal charges after his plea deal collapsed during an initial court appearance on July 26.

During an interview at ABC, host Jonathan Karl asked the Democratic leader why he thinks pardoning Hunter Biden would be an error from the commander-in-chief. Karl also noted that, so far, President Biden hasn’t made any public comment about taking this step for his son.

Goldman explained that the president would be committing a mistake as he would be acting like “his predecessor.” He then said former President Donald Trump pardoned all of “his friends” and anyone who had “access to him” during his administration. The congressman said this was an error that President Biden shouldn’t repeat, but noted he feels hopeful this won’t happen as he believes Biden’s not “going to do that.”

Moreover, Goldman claims the president restored the Justice Department’s “integrity,” despite the fact many Americans feel otherwise. He told Karl that the most outstanding example was that he kept Merrick Garland as the US attorney general, even though Trump appointed him. He added that Garland is investigating Biden’s son, which he considered the clearest “indication of independence.”

While many believe President Biden would pardon his son, some Democratic leaders and members of his administration have said he won’t take this step. One was White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who suggested during a press conference that the president won’t get involved in Hunter Biden’s legal issues.

Over the last few weeks, many Republican lawmakers have been comparing the cases brought against Hunter Biden with those of Trump. Some have claimed that the Department of Justice has shown a clear bias, to the point where it can now be considered a “two-tier system of justice.”

Meanwhile, House Speaker and California Republican Kevin McCarthy has suggested that Congress could start an impeachment inquiry into the president’s connections to Hunter Biden’s business activities.

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