House Committee to Vote on Blinken Contempt Amid Afghanistan’s Debacle

( – House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman and Texas Republican Michael McCaul said on Monday that his panel will vote on whether to hold US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in contempt of the House, in case the State Department fails to provide a classified cable sent ahead of the disastrous evacuation from Afghanistan. The voting will take place next week, with experts pointing out it could become the most delicate moment that Blinken has experienced in the Biden administration so far.

In a statement, McCaul said that every US citizen, especially “veterans and gold star families” need to get an answer on how and why the Afghanistan pullout went so “catastrophically wrong.” He also added that the State Department’s official response, along with the dissent cable, is “key evidence” that will clarify what has already become one of the biggest failures in the history of US foreign policy.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman first told liberal network CNN his committee was planning to take this step against Blinken unless he decides to comply with the subpoena by Thursday. He already issued a subpoena to the Secretary of State in March for the documents written by diplomats that were serving at the American Embassy in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul in 2021.

According to different reports, McCaul considers the cables as some of the most crucial evidence to understand why the Biden administration didn’t anticipate the collapse of the US-backed government in Afghanistan and the eventual takeover by the Taliban. Numerous analysts have been pointing out this was a massive failure by the current White House, to the point where the Afghanistan withdrawal can easily be compared to the Fall of Saigon in 1975, which marked the end of the Vietnam War.

Despite McCaul’s position on this matter, the State Department has declined to hand over the cables so far. However, it remains unclear whether it will do it now, considering Blinken’s risk.

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