Honduras Plans to Construct Island Prison Colony

Honduras Plans to Construct Island Prison Colony

(NationRise.com) – According to an Associated Press July 19 report, the Honduran government plans to build an island prison colony to house the country’s most extreme criminals. If built, this would be the only prison island in the Western Hemisphere, in a move that resembles El Salvador’s hardline approach against crime.

The news agency pointed out that President Xiomara Castro wants to build this prison on the Cisne Islands archipelago as soon as possible. As reported by El Pais, the main plan of the left-wing leader is to send roughly 2000 gang leaders to the prison. The Spanish newspaper also noted that Castro’s radical stance comes after 46 women were killed in a gang-related massacre in one of Honduras’s prisons in June.

Most of the victims were hacked to death with machetes or sprayed with gunfire. Local reports showed that some inmates locked in cells were doused with gasoline and burned. Castro said this was a “tragedy” and promised to take “the most drastic measures” against criminal gangs Mara Salvatrucha and Barrio 18.

During an interview with the Associated Press, Honduras’s Armed Forces chief Jose Fortin said that the only way to communicate with these islands is by satellite. He added that many Honduran officials believe this is the best way to solve the gang violence crisis in the country. Fortin explained that this prison island would prevent the leaders of these criminal organizations from running their illegal businesses.

When asked about the possibility of escaping, Fortin told the news agency that gang leaders wouldn’t be able to do this because of the distance. He said that the island is “the farthest away” these criminals can be, pointing out that the goal is to make them lose “every type of contact” with society. The Armed Forces chief pointed out that these gang leaders have done “too much harm” to Honduras, and he hopes that this prison can make them “pay for their crimes.”

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