Greta Thunberg Roasted After Prediction Doesn’t Come True

Greta Thunberg Roasted After Prediction Doesn't Come True

( – Greta Thunberg, the climate change activist, has come under a deluge of mockery and ridicule from social media users for deleting a tweet from 2018 after her deadline for a climate apocalypse passed without any of her dire predictions coming true.

She had warned at the time that top climate scientists were saying that humanity would be wiped out unless drastic action was taken against climate change and global warming. According to the diminutive Thunberg, it was imperative that we all immediately stopped using fossil fuels and focused on green energy solutions.

Social media users dogpiled onto Thunberg, saying things like “the world is going to officially end today, I must make sure I get my hair done,” and “Can you tell me exactly what time the end of the world is going to happen? I have a busy day planned and will need to reschedule my diary.”

One user pointed out that Thunberg had confirmed that all of humanity had indeed been wiped out, just that nobody had noticed. The user also said Thunberg would make another prediction just like unless she is allowed to continue whining on international platforms and collecting royalty cheques from gullible individuals and corporations.

Defenders of Thunberg said that she hadn’t actually said that the world was going to end on a particular day, only that if humanity hadn’t been able to stop using fossil fuels by this day in 2023, then it would result in an unstoppable slide down the helter-skelter of extinction.

Thunberg joins a long list of people over the ages who have predicted the end of the world, including many religious figures who claimed that they foresaw the coming of the Messiah. Pope Innocent III, who lived in the 13th century, claimed that the world would end in 1284, 666 years after the arrival of Islam.

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