GOP Voters Still Back Trump If Convicted

( – According to a June 11 poll, 80 percent of GOP primary voters think former President Donald Trump should be able to get elected again, even if he’s convicted. The CBS News-YouGov survey found that only 20 percent of these voters think he shouldn’t be able to be president again in case this happens.

The Republican leader, who is currently the favorite to win the nomination, was indicted last week by the Department of Justice on 37 counts. These were part of the investigation into his handling of classified documents and whether he refused to hand over the records after leaving office.

The poll showed that only 12 percent of Republican primary voters feel more concerned that the documents represented a national security risk. Seventy-six percent of these voters said they are more concerned that the indictment against the former president could be politically motivated. Additionally, 12 percent told CBS News-YouGov they feel concerned about both scenarios.

As the poll noted, 61 percent of these GOP voters said the indictment “won’t change” the way they see Trump. Meanwhile, only 7 percent said the indictment will change their perspective for the worse, while 14 percent said it would be “for the better, and 18 percent said “it depends.”

While this indictment could ruin the presidential chances of almost any candidate, experts point out this won’t likely affect Trump. The CBS News-YouGov survey is the latest example of how most GOP voters keep seeing the former president as the party’s best candidate to recover the White House.

Right now, Trump’s popularity in the Republican Party is so strong that other presidential candidates expressed their solidarity with him after the indictment. The only one who defended the US judicial system and criticized the former president after the indictment was former Republican Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson. He claimed the solidarity expressed by some candidates was just an attempt to please Trump’s base.

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