Gaetz Wants McCarthy To Choose Between GOP and DNC Email

( – Republican Florida Representative Matt Gaetz suggested on Wednesday that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had to prove his loyalty to Congressional Republicans. Gaetz made this controversial claim on Fox News after he and a group of House Freedom Caucus halted a procedural vote on a legislation on gas stove access.

The representative told the network that McCarthy can’t choose House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries for one thing and House conservatives for another. He suggested this was a sign of disloyalty to the Republican Party and that he needed to choose between the GOP or the Democratic Party. Gaetz also claimed that the House Speaker had to be forced “into monogamy” with Jeffries or the House conservatives.

Eleven hardline GOP representatives joined forces to defeat a procedural move, or “vote on rules.” This one was intended to come before a Republican legislation securing Americans’ access to gas stoves. It was the first unsuccessful rules vote in more than twenty years.

Given their displeasure with McCarthy’s handling of the debt limit deal, members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus have taken a stance against him. They have indicated they will obstruct further action on the chamber’s floor. Many have even asserted that the GOP was “rolled” on the deal, citing that Democrats had supported it in both chambers by a larger margin than Republicans.

Fox News reported that a Republican lawmaker told the network that members of this rebel group will meet McCarthy to know if he understands how to solve this issue. The lawmaker, who refused to reveal his identity, also explained that they have an agreement with McCarthy, and he believes they all should maintain it.

He was referring to an agreement to guarantee their full support during the speakership vote earlier this year. Some Republicans claimed that the House Speaker violated some of the terms of this agreement.

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