Former WH Doctor Claims Biden Shouldn’t Seek Re-Election

( – Former White House physician and Texas GOP Representative Ronny Jackson said on Friday that President Joe Biden isn’t “mentally or physically fit.” He made this comment after the commander-in-chief fell on stage during a US Air Force Academy commencement ceremony on Thursday.

During an interview on Fox News “Hannity,” Jackson explained that the president is not “fit mentally or physically” to have this important role. He added this is a delicate situation for the United States, and explained that President Biden is not projecting power or inspiring confidence. The former White House physician said the commander-in-chief can’t deliver these two elements because “he’s too old.”

In another part of the interview, the Texas representative said that President Biden’s recent fall and numerous gaffes show he’s not doing fine. He said the president has a “cognitive decline” that has been manifesting in his physical decline and lack of “physical ability.” Jackson added that the United States must do something about it because this is a concerning national security issue that is affecting the country.

The former White House physician explained that the fact that he could be president at the age of 86 can be considered “malpractice” by the White House. He claimed someone in the West Wing has to be held accountable as this is a delicate situation that could have negative consequences for the nation. Moreover, Jackson said that First Lady Jill Biden and the people who love the president should stop him from running for reelection.

The Texas representative was the White House physician to former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama. Far from being the first time he makes this type of claim against President Biden, he has previously questioned whether he’s cognitively fit for office.

A couple of weeks ago, he circulated a letter among Congress Republicans demanding that the president needed to take a cognitive test or quit his reelection campaign.

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