Former Senate Staffer My Face Legal Consequences Over Disturbing Video

Former Senate Staffer My Face Legal Consequences Over Disturbing Video

( – A former staffer for Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) could be facing legal trouble after recording and posting a disturbing video in the room used for Senate Judiciary Committee hearings.

24-year-old ex-staffer Aidan Maese-Czeropski allegedly recorded an explicit video with his boyfriend in the room before posting it online early in December. The video’s popularity spread quickly online, leading to the firing of Maese-Czeropski. The other man has not been identified as of this writing.

Capitol police launched an investigation soon after to determine whether any criminal acts occurred. George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley believes there was, and that Maese-Czeropski could face legal consequences for his actions. He noted that staffers are granted access to the hearing and other rooms. However, there could be trespassing cases since it was utilized for personal use, not official business.

There could also be charges if it were used for commercial purposes. Videos that go viral often generate revenue for the authors. Additionally, Turley referenced a section in the DC code that prohibits sexual acts and indecent exposures in public spaces. Violations result in a misdemeanor charge and could result in a 90-day jail sentence.

The roughly 10-second video was recorded in an area where senators question nominees to the Supreme Court. It’s also used when senators grill others brought to testify.

Maese-Czeropski had previously appeared in an ad for the Biden campaign. He later published a Venmo post in which he claimed that he wanted Biden to “spit” directly into his mouth and also posted transactions that were related to sexual favors. His mother praised his appearance in the ad on Twitter, although her account has since been deleted.

The former staffer has since posted that he used “poor judgment” on LinkedIn but also blamed Republicans for using the incident to promote a political agenda. Maese-Czeropski claimed that he would never “disrespect” his place of employment in the post. He’s also threatening a lawsuit in response to Representative Mike Collins (R-GA) and several other conservatives mocking him on X.

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