FBI Releases Jaw-Dropping New Crime Data

FBI Releases Jaw-Dropping New Crime Data

(NationRise.com) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) revealed on October 16 that almost one million vehicles were stolen throughout the country in 2022, as the rate of thefts of motor vehicles skyrocketed by over 8 percent nationwide. The total amount of vehicles stolen in the United States last year was worth over $20 billion.

The FBI’s 2022 “Crime in the Nation” data shows an in-depth insight into the latest crime trends in the United States based on numerous statistics shared by almost every law enforcement agency nationwide. The numbers released by the FBI revealed that police handed down 1,213,913 charges related to the theft of motor vehicles last year, within the 93.5 percent of every enforcement agency — 15,724 in total — that shared their data.

While this number represents a massive increase in this crime, as the FBI only recorded 636,941 charges in 2021, the agency explained in a press conference that less than 80 percent of police departments shared their data in 2021. An FBI spokesperson explained this happened because most police departments in the United States switched from the Summary Reporting System to the National Incident-Based Reporting System that year.

In a statement, the FBI noted that it managed to account for data shortcomings of 2022, arriving at an estimated 8.6 percent increase in the theft of motor vehicles and an 8.1 percent increase in carjacking between 2021 and last year. The agency added that almost 70,000 individuals were arrested in 2022 for these crimes and noted that 2,000 were carrying a gun at the moment of their arrest.

The data provided by the FBI also showed that of nearly 70,000 people arrested for motor vehicle theft and whose sex and age were reported to the agency, 78.3 percent were men. It also showed that men under 18 represented 17.8 percent of the arrestees, while men between 35 and 64 represented 26 percent of the total.

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