Dr. Phil Slams American Universities

Dr. Phil Slams American Universities

(NationRise.com) – Talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw blasted liberal United States universities recently for fostering the strong antisemitism that the country has been experiencing since the October 7 attack executed by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas against Israel. In a video that immediately became viral, McGraw said that university leaders showed a “sickening smugness” on the matter.

The video was published right after the resignation of the University of Pennsylvania’s President Liz Magill, following her controversial testimony on Capitol Hill. Magill refused to say that the calls for genocide of Jews on campus violated the school’s conduct policy. Harvard President Claudine Gay and Massachusetts Institute of Technology President Sally Kornbluth were also criticized for delivering the same lawyerly answers on the topic.

In the video, which was made on the Dallas’ Trinity Broadcasting Network studio, McGraw suggested that the three university presidents wouldn’t ask for any “context” if a student organization was asking for the genocide of other groups. He also said no context should be needed to condemn such a “horrible” action and claimed that every group deserves full protection.

McGraw also talked about witnessing the different videos that the Israeli Defense Forces showed detailing the atrocities committed by Hamas against innocent Jews on October 7, many of whom were children and women. He said that the sexual assaults perpetrated by the terrorists were so “twisted” and “sick” that it was impossible to explain or even describe what he witnessed.

Dr Phil also noted that he couldn’t define what the terrorists did as an act of war, as he claimed they committed the atrocities while being “high on the drug Captagon.” He pointed out that one of the most horrifying aspects of the behavior in the videos was the way the terrorists celebrated their kills as if they were drunk and watching a game in a bar “on a Saturday night.” McGraw also said that he will never be able to unsee the young girls begging Hamas terrorists for their lives and what they did to “babies in cribs.”

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