DeSantis Slams Reporter After Accusations Are Made

( – Florida Governor and GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis had a clash with an Associated Press (AP) journalist on Thursday. The Republican leader lost his temper with the reporter after he claimed that DeSantis didn’t want to engage with voters during the campaign trail.

During a campaign event in Laconia, New Hampshire, the Florida Governor laid into journalist Steve Peoples while posing for photos and interacting with voters. At one moment, the AP reporter asked him why refused to take questions from the voters. He was referring to the Florida Governor’s refusal to include a Q-and-A session after a speech he delivered.

Following that question, the Republican presidential candidate responded in an enraged manner that people were coming up to him. With a clear display of rage, DeSantis also asked Peoples “What are you talking about?”. He also asked him if he was “blind,” to which the reporter responded he wasn’t.

After that, the Republican presidential candidate insisted that people were coming up to him talking about “whatever” they wanted to talk about. The heated moment was caught on camera and then uploaded to social media where it immediately became viral.

While some users said he acted in the right manner, some others considered that DeSantis lost his composure unnecessarily. Even some anti-Trumpers said that while the relationship between the former president and the media hasn’t been too good, he never lost this calm during an interview.

Following the incident, a pro-DeSantis super PAC named Never Back Down tweeted the video and said Peoples was a “fake news reporter.” The group even accused him of allegedly spreading the narrative that the Florida Governor is not doing enough “to connect with voters.” The claim was accompanied by a link to an AP article that said DeSantis didn’t spend too much time for handshakes or selfies during a campaign stop in Iowa.

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