DeSantis Signs Legislation Package to Protect Children From Trans Surgeries

( – Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis decided to expand his Parental Rights in Education law on Thursday, as he signed five pieces of legislation to protect children from some radical leftist initiatives. These include drag queen shows or mutilating surgical procedures.

After signing the Let Kids Be Kids legislation package, DeSantis said in a statement that the state can finally lead the way in protecting every child in a moment where the world is going “mad.” He added that Florida will now represent the “refuge of sanity.”

These bills will officially prohibit not only “indoctrination” but also “confusing concepts” such as the participation of men in women’s sports or even “forced pronouns.”

Conservatives on social media praised this decision as they claimed children are the most important thing in the country. In fact, experts believe this could even increase his popularity among Republicans, which is an important detail since he’s currently the second favorite to win the GOP nomination. While he hasn’t officially announced his presidential bid for the 2024 presidential election, different media outlets have said DeSantis will do it anytime soon.

About these five pieces of legislation signed by the Florida Governor, Democrats expressed their opposition and even some LGBTQ rallies were held at the Capitol. However, Republicans managed to move these bills through the legislative process thanks to their supermajority in both Congress and the Senate of Florida.

Right after the signing of these five pieces of legislation, Equity Florida held a press conference where they blasted the Republican Party and DeSantis for taking this measure. The group also said that this package represented the biggest slate of anti-LGBTQ legislation that has ever been signed in the history of Florida.
Senior Political Director of Equity Florida, Joe Saunders, expressed his disagreement with the governor and said that this package represents an “all out” attack on freedom.

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