DeSantis Refuses To Consider Vice President Seat

DeSantis Refuses To Consider Vice President Seat

( – Florida Governor and GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis recently shot down the chance of quitting his bid and considering a vice presidency. The Republican leader made these comments during an appearance on a Wisconsin radio show, following rumors that he could be the running mate of candidate and former president Donald Trump.

When asked about this potential move, the Florida Governor responded, “I don’t think so.” He then told the radio host he wouldn’t take this step as he doesn’t consider himself a “number two guy,“ and pointed out, “I’m a leader.” Many have been suggesting DeSantis might consider a vice presidency because Trump remains the favorite to win the nomination while he has struggled to gain ground.

The Florida Governor explained that he has been able to “accomplish a lot,” noting he could do more staying as a governor than “being VP.” He said that while he respects the role of vice president, he wouldn’t assume this role as it “doesn’t have any authority.”

When the host asked the governor about who he was considering to be his running mate, DeSantis dodged. Instead of providing a straight answer, the Florida Governor said he felt it was “a little bit presumptuous” to answer that question at that stage of his campaign. He said his only focus right now was to win the primaries and become the Republican nominee for the 2024 presidential election.

Since announcing his presidential bid, DeSantis has centered his campaign around his accomplishments as a governor and on criticizing Trump. His latest swipe at Trump happened on July 10, when he said during an interview at Fox News that Trump was “outmaneuvered” by members of his administration during the probe into Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

DeSantis told host Maria Bartimoro that the “Hunter Biden censorship” took place during the Trump administration, and it was his agencies that were “colluding with Big Tech.” DeSantis claimed that he would have fired those officials, noting that he had just signed a bill that bars state and local government officials from taking these actions.

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