DeSantis Lashes Out on Hurricane Conspiracy Theorists

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis scoffed on September 4 at the notion that Hurricane Idalia is somehow connected with climate change. The Republican presidential candidate made these remarks at a moment when US President Joe Biden and many other Democratic leaders have been saying the two are connected.

During a press conference in Yankeetown, Florida DeSantis cited a storm in 1896, which he said went almost on the same track as “this one.” When asked about the recent hurricane that affected the state, the governor told reporters that this wasn’t even the worst storm that Florida has suffered, and noted the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane, which had 185 mph sustained winds. DeSantis then said that people need to get “perspective” on this matter instead of spreading what he referred to as “climate change alarmism.”

The Florida governor also told reporters that the notion of adopting some left-wing policies to prevent hurricanes or other types of climate phenomena “is a lie.” When asked about climate change warnings that President Biden and prominent in the scientific community have issued, DeSantis claimed these are people who are trying to advance “their agenda.” He also said he’s not going to allow the politicization of the climate issue to influence the decisions that need to be taken on this matter.

The Republican leader paused his campaign trail work to oversee Idalia’s cleanup. This one became a Category 4 storm that battered Florida’s northern region, killing two people. According to a preliminary analysis from Accu Weather, the damage caused by this storm is estimated to cost $20 billion.

On August 31, President Biden said that the hurricane suffered in the Sunshine State was caused by climate change. During a press conference, the commander-in-chief told reporters that what happened in Florida was so terrible that those who deny the involvement of climate change in these types of hurricanes should change their minds. He also said the federal government will need a “hell of a lot more money” to tackle this issue.

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