DeSantis Blasts President Biden And The Mainstream Media Over Maui

( – Florida Republican Governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis blasted the mainstream media and US President Joe Biden on September 3 for ignoring the fire that burned the Hawaiian town of Maui. The GOP leader made these remarks during a press conference in Florida’s Yankeetown, where he was talking about his administration’s recovery efforts after Hurricane Idalia.

When asked if he trusted the federal government’s help, considering what happened in East Palestine and Maui, DeSantis said it was difficult. The governor explained that what happened in Maui was a “total catastrophe” that needed a full explanation for people to know what really happened. However, he said the Biden administration and the mainstream media have proven to be “incurious” about the tragedy in the Hawaiian island. He added it’s “heartbreaking” to hear some horrible stories and know these aren’t “being publicized” by any network or newspaper.

DeSantis also noted that the situation in Maui and Florida was different because his state prepared for the Hurricane. He then explained that the federal government’s role in these situations is inefficient as it basically serves as a “checkbook” to provide individual assistance and sometimes get people “reimbursed” for debris cleanup.

The Florida governor also told the reporter that Florida officials and local communities have delivered a great job in terms of disaster response. He pointed out that, in some respects, local governments have proven to be more efficient and play a more significant role than the state government in terms of warning residents about an upcoming hurricane or storm. Finally, the governor noted that while the federal government’s “checkbook” is great and useful, he can’t rely on it to perform the “day-to-day heavy lifting.”

According to all polls, DeSantis is currently in second place among presidential candidates with more popularity in the Republican Party. Former President Donald Trump remains in the first place, with a lead of between 30 and 40 percentage points.

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