DeSantis Accused of Insulting Millions, Sounding Like Hillary

DeSantis Accused of Insulting Millions, Sounding Like Hillary

( – Presidential candidate and Republican Governor Ron DeSantis sparked backlash on August 19 with a comment about former President Donald Trump’s base. Critics claimed DeSantis sounds like former Secretary of State and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

DeSantis commented during an interview that the support behind Trump was rooted in personality and was “detached from principle.” He explained that every political movement should be about the goals that a politician tries to achieve for all Americans instead of the individual’s personality. Finally, he said that many Trump supporters were “listless vessels.”

Following those comments, the Trump campaign and many of the former president’s supporters lit the governor up, claiming DeSantis’ comments were similar to Clinton’s “basket of deplorables.” The Democratic leader made this infamous remark during the 2016 presidential election, with many political analysts pointing out this convinced many undecided Republicans and independents to vote for Trump.

During an interview on Fox News, Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung said that the Florida Governor was running Hillary Clinton’s “failed playbook.” A spokesperson for pro-Trump Make America Great Again PAC, Karoline Leavitt, said that DeSantis showed his “true colors,” pointing out he insulted many of the people who voted him for governor. She then suggested he was feeling the “pressure” of Trump’s distance in all polls and claimed he should apologize for such a “disgraceful insult.”

Republican presidential candidate and conservative businessman Vivek Ramaswamy also criticized DeSantis for the “listless vessels” comments. He said that the Florida Governor was a “robot” politician who “blindly follows” the orders of the Super PACS that represent him.

Responding to the controversy, the Florida Governor’s presidential campaign fired back in a Twitter post that defended the “listless vessels” remark. Press Secretary Bryan Griffin wrote that the media is being “dishonest” by refusing to report the fact that Trump and many “congressional endorsers” are exactly as described. He then pointed out that the former president and many “DC insiders” feel he’s entitled to “your vote.”

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