Dems Consider Prioritizing Migrant Organ Transplants Over Americans

( – According to a New York Times Tuesday report, Democrat legislators in New York are considering passing a bill that will open organ transplants to illegal aliens. These would specifically be kidney transplants, which are normally reserved for US Citizens with Social Security Numbers. Many believe this would represent one of the most scandalous moments in US modern history, as illegal aliens would have more priority than thousands of Americans.

As reported by the liberal newspaper, the New York State Legislature is considering this bill to allow the transplant in the list of emergency medical services available to uninsured illegal aliens. While they aren’t explicitly blocked from receiving this type of transplant, the Times said they face two major challenges. These are the lack of health insurance and Social Security numbers, which usually made them unable to receive these transplants.

The Times also said that city agencies estimate that nearly 50 percent of the 476,000 illegal aliens in the city don’t have health insurance. The number has been increasing over the last few months, considering the border crisis and how the Biden administration has been unable to solve it.

In addition to this bill, New York liberal legislators are considering opening taxpayer-funded health insurance for illegal immigrants living in this state. This move seems to follow the same path California took last year when Democratic legislators benefited 4.4 million undocumented migrants.

Currently, 8,500 Americans in the state of New York are hoping to get an organ transplant as soon as possible. Nearly 7,500 of these people are waiting for a kidney transplant.

In a report, New York state officials explained how many Americans are dying before receiving these transplants. It also said that 820 people had to be removed from waiting lists in 2021 because they became extremely ill to undergo this medical procedure after waiting so long.

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