Dems Blame Climate Change While Maui Confirms Cause of Fire

Dems Blame Climate Change While Maui Confirms Cause of Fire

( – Contrary to the claims of Democratic politicians, Hawaiian officials have identified failures at Hawaii’s main power company as the cause that sparked the deadly wildfire in Lahaina. This situation made officials shut down power lines, even when Democrats said that global warming was the primary cause of the disaster.

In a lawsuit filed on August 24, Maui County’s government alleged that the Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) and each of its subsidiaries didn’t shut down operational electrical machinery during a windstorm marked by critical conditions. The lawsuit claimed that this failure caused downed power lines that HECO operated to spark deadly fires on the Hawaiian island.

In a release announcing the lawsuit, Maui County said that the company acted “negligently” even when the US National Weather Service published a Red Warning on August 7. The release also detailed that the downed power lines ignited brush and grass, which eventually started the massive wildfires on August 8.

The county also argues in its lawsuit that the company has the duty not only to repair, but also to maintain every single piece of equipment associated with electricity transmission. It also claims that HECO has to keep the area’s vegetation well-maintained and trimmed to prevent contact with electric equipment.

Despite the lawsuit, a Democratic White House official, Hawaii Governor Josh Green, and numerous Democratic lawmakers claimed that the wildfires were caused by global warming. On August 10, Senator Ed Markey wrote on Twitter that scientists were “clear” that the “new norm” is climate change affecting ecosystems all over the world.

Also, the Biden administration’s clean energy czar, John Podesta, publicly called for the implementation of numerous policies to “reduce carbon emissions” to prevent future disasters like the one in Maui. During a press conference on August 16, he told reporters that what happened on the Hawaiian island was “fueled by climate change.”

Senator Dick Durbin also said in that press conference that Maui was the greatest example of how wildfires are the consequence of failing to address “the climate crisis.”

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